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12/13/2012 Northeast Corridor Future: Options for High-Speed Rail Development and Opportunities for Private Sector Participation
12/6/2012 An Update on the High Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail Program: Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned
12/4/2012 A Review of the Preparedness, Response To and Recovery From Hurricane Sandy
11/29/2012 How Best to Improve our Nation’s Airport Passenger Security System Through Common Sense Solutions
11/28/2012 Getting Back on Track: A Review of Amtrak’s Structural Reorganization
11/16/2012 Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA): A Review Of The Department of Transportation Inspector General's Findings and Recommendations
11/14/2012 POSTPONED: An Update on the High Speed and Intercity Passenger Rail Program: Mistakes Made and Lessons Learned
9/27/2012 Economic Impact and Future Management of Ontario International Airport
9/20/2012 A Review of the Challenges Maintaining Legacy Assets Pose to United States Coast Guard Mission Performance
9/20/2012 Forty Years after the Clean Water Act: Is it Time for the States to Implement Section 404 Permitting?
9/13/2012 Evaluating the Effectiveness of DOT's Truck and Bus Safety Program
9/12/2012 A Review of and Update on the Management of FAA’s NextGen Program
9/11/2012 Tenth Anniversary of the Maritime Transportation Security Act: Are We Safer?
9/11/2012 A Review of Amtrak Operations Part 2: The High Cost of Amtrak’s Monopoly Mentality in Commuter Rail Competitions
8/17/2012 LA Courthouse: GSA’s Plan to Spend $400 Million to Create Vacant Space
8/16/2012 California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Planning and Preparing for Hazards and Disasters
8/6/2012 Sitting on Our Assets: The Vacant Federal Courthouse in Miami
8/2/2012 A Review of Amtrak Operations, Part I: Mismanagement of Food & Beverage Services
8/1/2012 GSA: A Review of Agency Mismanagement and Wasteful Spending -- Part 2
7/25/2012 Integrated Planning and Permitting, Part 2: An Opportunity for EPA to Provide Communities with Flexibility to Make Smart Investments in Water Quality
7/24/2012 A Review of Building Codes and Mitigation Efforts to Help Minimize the Costs Associated with Natural Disasters
7/18/2012 A Review of the FAA's Contract Tower Program
7/10/2012 A Review of Federal Maritime Domain Awareness Programs
6/28/2012 A Review of the Delays and Problems Associated with TSA's Transportation Worker Identification Credential
6/27/2012 A Review of Vessels Used to Carry Strategic Petroleum Reserve Drawdowns
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