Hearings :: Subcommittee on Economic Development, Public Buildings, and Emergency Management

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12/4/2012 A Review of the Preparedness, Response To and Recovery From Hurricane Sandy
8/17/2012 LA Courthouse: GSA’s Plan to Spend $400 Million to Create Vacant Space
8/16/2012 California’s Sacramento-San Joaquin Delta: Planning and Preparing for Hazards and Disasters
8/6/2012 Sitting on Our Assets: The Vacant Federal Courthouse in Miami
8/1/2012 GSA: A Review of Agency Mismanagement and Wasteful Spending -- Part 2
7/24/2012 A Review of Building Codes and Mitigation Efforts to Help Minimize the Costs Associated with Natural Disasters
6/19/2012 Sitting on Our Assets: The Georgetown Heating Plant
4/17/2012 GSA's Squandering of Taxpayer Dollars: A Pattern of Mismanagement, Excess, and Waste
3/22/2012 Sitting on Our Assets: The Cotton Annex
2/9/2012 One Year Later: Still Sitting on Our Assets
12/13/2011 The Effectiveness of Our Nation's Public Alert System
11/4/2011 A Review and Analysis of the Proposed $400 Million Los Angeles, California Federal Courthouse Project
10/13/2011 Streamlining Emergency Management: Improving Preparedness, Response, and Cutting Costs
7/27/2011 The Economic Development Administration: How to Improve Effectiveness through Reforms and Consolidations
7/14/2011 FEMA Reauthorization and Cutting the Red Tape in Recovery
7/6/2011 The Securities and Exchange Commission's $500 Million Fleecing of America: Part Two
6/16/2011 The Securities and Exchange Commission's $500 Million Fleecing of America
5/12/2011 How to Stop Sitting on Our Assets: A Review of the Civilian Property Realignment Act
4/6/2011 Can a Civilian BRAC Commission Consolidate Federal Office Space and Save Taxpayers Billions?
3/30/2011 Improving the Nation's Response to Catastrophic Disasters: How to Minimize Costs and Streamline our Emergency Management Programs
3/10/2011 Cutting Spending and Consolidating Federal Office Space: GSA's Capital Investment and Leasing Program
2/11/2011 Managing Costs and Mitigating Delays in the Building of Social Security's New National Computer Center
2/10/2011 Sitting on Our Assets: Cutting Spending and Private Redevelopment of Underperforming Buildings
1/26/2011 Organizational Meeting


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