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11/29/2012 How Best to Improve our Nation’s Airport Passenger Security System Through Common Sense Solutions
11/16/2012 Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority (MWAA): A Review Of The Department of Transportation Inspector General's Findings and Recommendations
9/27/2012 Economic Impact and Future Management of Ontario International Airport
9/12/2012 A Review of and Update on the Management of FAA’s NextGen Program
7/18/2012 A Review of the FAA's Contract Tower Program
5/31/2012 A Review of FAA’s efforts to reduce costs and ensure safety and efficiency through Realignment and Facility Consolidation
4/25/2012 A Review of Aviation Safety in the United States
3/28/2012 Roundtable Discussion: European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme (Please Note: This is NOT a hearing.)
2/8/2012 A Review of Issues Associated with Protecting and Improving our Nation's Aviation Satellite-based Global Positioning System Infrastructure
10/5/2011 A Comprehensive Review of FAA's NextGen Program: Costs, Benefits, Progress, and Management
7/27/2011 The European Union's Emissions Trading Scheme: A Violation of International Law
6/23/2011 GPS Reliability: A Review of Aviation Industry Performance, Safety Issues, and Avoiding Potential New and Costly Government Burdens
2/9/2011 Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization: Stakeholders
2/8/2011 Federal Aviation Administration Reauthorization: FAA Administrator
1/26/2011 Organizational Meeting


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