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12/21/2012 Committee’s Achievements in the 112th Congress: Major Transportation Jobs Bills & Initiatives to Cut Waste
12/13/2012 Private Sector Participation Essential to Northeast Corridor High-Speed Rail
12/11/2012 Northeast Corridor High-Speed Rail & Private Sector Participation To Be Focus of Hearing
12/6/2012 Administration’s High-Speed Rail Misfires Draw Criticisms from Committee & Independent Investigators
12/5/2012 Secretary LaHood to Testify at Hearing on High-Speed Rail Program
11/28/2012 Amtrak Reorganization Must Not Just Rearrange Deck Chairs on the Titanic
11/26/2012 Hearing on Amtrak’s Reorganization Plan
9/20/2012 Taxpayers Gouged by Amtrak’s Highly Subsidized Gravy Train
9/18/2012 Billions in Taxpayer Subsidies for Amtrak to be Focus of Hearing
9/11/2012 New Report Highlights Costs of Amtrak’s Failure to Compete with Private Sector
9/10/2012 Amtrak Attempts at Competition Cost Taxpayers
8/3/2012 Rep. Mica Press Conference TODAY: Outrageous Subsidies for Amtrak Burgers and Sodas Cost Taxpayers Millions
8/2/2012 Mica: Amtrak Food and Beverage Losses “Staggering”
8/1/2012 Millions in Waste in Amtrak’s Food & Beverage Service to be Focus of Hearing
7/6/2012 Mica: Obama AWOL on Transportation Bill
6/21/2012 Rep. Mica and Senator Boxer Issue Statement on Transportation Conference
2/13/2012 Mica: Obama Transportation Budget Follows Road to Financial Ruin
2/3/2012 American Energy & Infrastructure Jobs Act Approved by Committee
1/3/2012 President Signs Landmark Pipeline Safety Legislation
12/15/2011 Committee Holds Hearing on Imploding California High-Speed Rail Project
12/13/2011 Hearing to Focus on Skyrocketing Costs & Growing Concerns with California High-Speed Rail Project
12/12/2011 House Unanimously Approves Pipeline Safety & Jobs Measure
12/8/2011 Transportation Committee Leaders Announce Bipartisan Agreement on Pipeline Safety Legislation
12/6/2011 Hearing Highlights Missteps in Administration's High-Speed Rail Program
12/5/2011 Secretary LaHood to Testify at Hearing on High-Speed Rail Program Mistakes & Lessons Learned
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