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Mica Letter to GSA Calling for Removal of GSA Executive Neely from Federal Payroll

April 24, 2012

Transportation and Infrastructure Committee Chairman John L. Mica (R-FL) called on the General Services Administration (GSA) to immediately remove from the federal payroll a high-ranking official at the center of recent scandals, and ensure that taxpayers are no longer paying the salary of a public servant who clearly abused his authority, position and public funds.

Mica wrote to GSA Acting Administrator Dan Tangherlini asking that Region 9 Public Buildings Service Commissioner Jeffrey Neely be fired, or at a minimum stop receiving his taxpayer financed paycheck.

In a press release, Mica said, “Last week, GSA senior executive Neely took the Fifth Amendment before the House’s chief investigative panel and then snubbed the Transportation and Infrastructure Committee, which has jurisdiction over GSA.  He has abused his position of leadership and should not continue to be on the public payroll."


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