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6/12/2012 Chairmen Gibbs and Harris Letter to EPA Administrator on CWA Regulatory Jurisdiction
6/4/2012 Mica Letter to TSA Administrator John Pistole Regarding Fort Myers, FL Security Meltdown
4/24/2012 Mica Letter to GSA Calling for Removal of GSA Executive Neely from Federal Payroll
4/5/2012 Mica & Denham Letter to GSA IG on "Hats Off Program"
4/5/2012 Mica & Denham Letter to GSA on Internal GSA Website with Information on their $800,000 Training Conference
4/3/2012 Mica Letter to GSA IG on $800,000 Training Conference
3/28/2012 Letter Opposing Administration's Clean Water Act Guidance
3/22/2012 Mica/LoBiondo Letter to House Appropriations Committee
3/13/2012 Letter to TSA on Screening Opt-Out Program Reforms
3/13/2012 Mica "Opt-Out" Letter to Nation's Airports
1/23/2012 Chairman Mica Letter to OMB Re: Cuts to the FAA Contract Tower Program
1/19/2012 House-Senate Letter Opposing EPA's "Sue & Settle" Regulatory Tactics
1/3/2012 Mica Letter to GAO Requesting Investigation of TSA Personnel Misconduct
12/19/2011 Letter Requesting GAO Study of California High-Speed Rail Project's Viability
11/8/2011 Letter to EPA & Corps of Engineers Regarding Clean Water Act Rulemaking
11/3/2011 Rail Labor Dispute & Presidential Emergency Board "Dear Colleague"
10/21/2011 Chairman Denham and Ranking Member Norton Letter to GSA Regarding L.A. Courthouse Project
9/23/2011 Letter to President Obama Regarding Hours of Service Rules for Truck Drivers
9/22/2011 Petri-Grassley Letter to FCC Regarding LightSquared Plans
9/15/2011 Petri Letter to LightSquared
8/16/2011 Letter to Secretary LaHood Regarding Essential Air Service Subsidy Cut Waivers
6/21/2011 Mica/Chaffetz Letter Requesting IG Investigation of Honolulu Airport TSA Meltdown
5/2/2011 Letter to CBO Opposing Score of FTC-NGA Proposal
4/14/2011 Letter to EPA and Corps Objecting to Clean Water Act Jurisdiction Expansion
3/9/2011 GAO Letter on TSA's Faulty Screening Program Cost Estimate
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