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12/21/2012 Committee’s Achievements in the 112th Congress: Major Transportation Jobs Bills & Initiatives to Cut Waste
11/29/2012 Aviation Security Hearing Focuses on TSA Impacts on Passengers & Industry
11/28/2012 Advisory -- Hearing on TSA Impacts on Aviation Passengers & Commerce
11/27/2012 Law Prohibits Unfair EU Taxation of U.S. Aviation
11/16/2012 Washington Airports Authority: Poster Child for Corruption
11/14/2012 Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority Management Concerns to be Focus of Hearing
11/13/2012 House Votes to Halt EU Air Tax
11/9/2012 TSA Labor Pact Focuses on Tie Tacks & Tattoos
10/19/2012 Another TSA Meltdown: When Are We Going to Learn?
10/9/2012 Inspector General Confirms TSA Meltdown
9/27/2012 Mica: TSA Sting another Eye-Opener for Agency Crying Out for Reform
9/27/2012 Congressional Panel Examines Future of LA/Ontario International Airport
9/12/2012 NextGen Critical to U.S. Jobs, Economic Opportunities & Aviation Industry
9/11/2012 Status and Delays of NextGen Air Traffic Control Modernization To Be Focus of Hearing
8/3/2012 Mica Calls for Senate Vote on Bill Halting EU Air Tax
8/3/2012 Mica & House Republicans Convey Intent of Labor Reforms Included in FAA Law
8/2/2012 Mica & Petri Statements on Reagan National Airport Incident
7/23/2012 Air Traffic Controller Error Reporting System Needs Significant Improvement, Says Inspector General
7/18/2012 Contract Tower Program Continues to Save Taxpayers Money & Enhance Aviation Safety
7/17/2012 Hearing will Review the Cost-Effectiveness of FAA’s Contract Tower Program
6/15/2012 Mica: TSA Meltdown du Jour
6/11/2012 TSA Green Light to Orlando Sanford Screener Reform
6/4/2012 TSA Needs to Come Clean on Latest Meltdown
6/1/2012 Mica: Another Possible TSA Meltdown
5/30/2012 Hearing to Examine FAA Consolidation Plan Necessary for NextGen & Cost Savings
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